It took me a long time to write this.  I mean, literally, years in the making. Fear stopped me.  First things first, I must apologize to you for not doing this sooner.  We all have something in us that is not just for ourselves.  We should share.  I loved writing. I love writing.  My writing was blocked.  For a very long time.  I have hurts from the past that I have not gotten over.  If I am really honest, I held myself back.  I didn’t think that I could do this.  These past few weeks leading up to this day, I pretty much said to myself, “yes, I’m going to do this.” “I have to do this.” “No one is going to read it.” “I will run out of things to say.” “No, I’m definitely going to go for it.” 

I am in awe of so many people who have done and are still doing great things.  I know people who are literally doing AMAZING things.  Inside of me, I feel like there is something. But somehow, for some reason, I can’t seem to get out of my own way.  Out of my own head.  All I know is, I just love to share. I love people.  I love to see happy, smiling people.

So here I am. Writing. Sharing. Hoping to make you smile, laugh or feel like you are not alone.

My biggest takeaways about me going for it, simply pushing through the fear:

  1. If I didn’t do this now, I’m not sure if/when I would do this.
  2. No one may read what I have to say, but maybe someone will. 
  3. I’m literally putting myself out there. I am VERY aware of this.
  4. There will always be something to say.

Are there areas where fear has prevented you from moving forward?


  1. Yes! When I reflect back over my life, it’s painful see how the spirit held me back for a very, very long time. My earliest memory of being fearful was childhood — and not in a scared-of-the-dark kind of way — but in a “I’m going along with the crowd because I don’t want anyone to not be my friend” kinda way. And that scenario would just repeat itself in different ways over and over again in my life. It wasn’t until 2018 that I finally realized that the spirit of Fear had been on assignment for quite some time to prevent me from walking fully in who God created me to be. I’m SO happy you created this blog. I am reading your words; and I want to continue reading your words. Please keep writing and sharing!

  2. I’m so proud of you for finally going for it and I can’t wait to read everything you share!

  3. I read it and I’m encouraged. Keep going.

  4. I applaud you. I tried gluten free diet successfully for 60 days. I felt good. Had more energy than ever. And lost 16 lb but holidays came and I ate non gluten pieces of this and that. It made me so sick. So I wouldn’t need this or that for a couple of weeks. And then it got inviting again around Christmas. And now my diet is screwed up and I don’t feel as well or as energetic. A gluten-free diet offers so much to your health that is the best way to eat if you ask me. Congratulations to your strength and longevity. You have great courage

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