Can I have a #2, no cheese, and hold the wheat please!

I wasn’t always like this.  Many years ago, I had found out something I never thought I would ever find out.  Something that I didn’t know existed.  These days, it is very well known.  Gluten Free.

What is “gluten” you say?  Well let me tell you.  It is in almost everything that you eat.  Bread. Pasta. Brownies. Cupcakes. Pancakes. Cake. Everything yummy. Plainly, it is a protein that can be found in wheat.

 If I eat something that is not gluten free, there are consequences.  I get very sick.  It is unpleasant.  There was one night that I literally thought that I was dying.  I was not diagnosed as celiac.  I have an intolerance to gluten.

It is not easy being gluten free.  Especially when going out to dinner, going to a party, or even when traveling abroad.

I’m going to be honest, eating gluten free is a little expensive.  For instance, gluten free pizza crust usually has an additional charge.  Which is fine with me!  I love pizza!

When going out to dinner with friends, it can be hard deciding on a place to eat.  Especially if you do not want just a salad with no croutons for dinner.  Going over someone’s house for dinner is the same.  You have to do a process of elimination. “That’s gravy, can’t have that.”  “Oh, that’s got soy sauce on it?”  “Ah, yes, fried chicken, my favorite!” 

Nope. You. Can’t. Have. That!

It’s not their fault if they’re the host/hostess.  They just may not know.  For instance, my husband cooked dinner for us when we were dating.  It was very early in the relationship.  He made his bachelor’s specialty, spaghetti.  He was very proud of his meal.  And I was very, very appreciative of him creating a meal for us!  Sadly, when I asked if the noodles were gluten free, he felt VERY bad.  It’s not that he forgot, it just wasn’t his norm to have gluten free pasta.  But whew child, he’s a pro now!

I would say, take it easy on your friend who may have a special dietary need.  It’s not their fault that they have such restrictions.  Believe me, they don’t want to be difficult.  It’s so much easier to order off the regular menu than asking if there is a gluten free menu available.  Or maybe there are about five options that they can choose from whereas you have the ENTIRE menu to choose.

I took the initiative to research restaurants that were gluten free before we traveled abroad.  You can’t go in blind to another country trying to eat gluten free.  You will be hungry! lol  Asking “sans gluten,” “sin gluten” and “maiz” saved my life!

There have been quite a few times where I was thought of.  You don’t understand how wonderful and special that made me feel.  At a few weddings, the couples told me which dishes that I would be able to eat.  In advance! 

Thanksgiving.  Let me tell you.  You know you are loved when someone makes food, from SCRATCH, gluten free.  It is not easy.  I’m talking, substitutions!

Yes, I’m gluten free. Not by choice. By chance.

My biggest takeaways:

  1. It is very difficult in the beginning to take wheat and flour out.
  2. It’s not worth it to eat food with wheat if it will make me sick.
  3. Eating gluten free foods can be expensive, but your gut is worth it.
  4. There are more restaurants and stores more accommodating to individuals who are gluten sensitive.
  5. I CAN have bread. Pasta. Brownies. Cupcakes. Pancakes. Cake. Everything yummy!!!

Do you or someone close to you have a dietary restriction?  If so, how do you adjust your meals to accommodate?


  1. A few years ago I dealt with an autoimmune issue that caused me to have to restrict my diet pretty strictly. Not only did I have to stay away from gluten, but there were even certain types of vegetables I couldn’t eat. So salad wasn’t even always an option, depending on what was in it. It was so frustrating and gave me a new outlook on what others go through. Fortunately, I was able to reverse my issues by eating that way for about a year, and now I can have almost anything. But this post is spot on! And such a great reminder of how to support the person you love who might have dietary restrictions.

  2. I know what you mean when you say you thought you would die after having gluten early on. I am lactose intolerant and the way I found out was scary, I felt the same way. Having to ask, “does it have dairy in it”, takes away the glamor of trying new things. Why does everything have cheese on it?

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